Friday, 11 October 2013

Heaven's Gate and some NEWS!

First up, we've got a new release for you - it's episode two of Heaven's Gate! Here it is, you lucky, lucky people.
Did you enjoy that? Of course you did, don't know why I asked. And now for some news! This weekend is an exciting weekend for Clever Dicks Productions because we're taking part in the 48 Hour Film Challenge! That was going to be a link but I couldn't find one so you'll just have to imagine what it involves. The clue is very much in the name.

So look out for the result of that, which we'll no doubt be posting on here and banging on about in all the usual places. I assume it will win first prize, which I assume is some kind of life size, solid gold hydraulic elephant automaton, which I'll be able to ride around the town and be the envy of all who see me. I'm looking forward to that.

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