We wrote some books. This is them.

Killing Elizabeth - Simon Goodway

If you've ever tried to murder your wife, you'll know how Adrian Hadley feels.

He doesn't want to kill Elizabeth, but when she kicks him out over a fling with a homeless girl, how can he be sure she'll maintain her silence about the demons in his past? Murder really is the only option. After all, how hard can it be?

Then comes a disastrous encounter with gentleman thief Lewis Tremaine and his grubby sidekick Vern. Suddenly Adrian's perfect crime looks set to destroy him, and his teenage lover Kelly is no help - she's working to her own agenda. Meanwhile Adrian's past is fast catching up with him, and what started as a simple murder is turning into a major headache.

Discover a world of crime, desperation and frantic improvisation in Simon Goodway's thrilling debut novel packed with dark humour, unexpected twists and dogs on crack.

Naked Face Eating Zombies From Romford - Holly Powis

A six chapter novella packed with gut-busting comedy.

Derek is a miserable git, bursting with impotent rage toward his co-workers; there’s morbidly obese Marjorie and her inane chit chat, the self important Administrator, Deborah, who calls time wasting meetings about the importance of not wasting time and Gavin, the slim-line-suit-wearing, blue-eyed, berk of a team-leader.

Then the Romford based office is attacked by a horde of naked, face-eating zombies.

What happens next is a rip-roaring, gut-busting, overwhelmingly satisfying, killing fest. Derek relishes the opportunity to vent his fury using whatever weaponry comes to hand, heroically fighting off the attacking horde in this black comedy that will make you guffaw, get a little bit of sick in your mouth and feel slightly ashamed.

  Forgive Me Father - Simon Goodway

David Grange has no reason to live. His life's a mess and Elizabeth doesn't love him. But a long time ago, he made her a promise, and he can't keep it if he's dead.

Fate has given David a fresh start, and a chance to help the girl he loves. But when does 'help' become harassment? When does love become obsession? Is David even capable of telling the difference? And what do you do for a living if you don't exist?

Elizabeth couldn't be happier that her stalker has plunged to a bloody death. But if David's really dead, who's been performing nocturnal car repairs and filming her undress? And how could it be possible that her problems are about to get even worse?

The prequel to Simon Goodway's debut novel Killing Elizabeth, Forgive Me Father is a thrilling tale of obsession, redemption and bum sex.


The Trawler Man - Simon Goodway

Brian Trawlerman can extract memories from dead brains - a good trick if you want to find out who killed them. But when a time travel experiment goes wrong - or right, depending how you look at it - Brian finds himself trying to tease memories that haven't happened yet from the brain of a girl who's very much alive... for now. But can memory really be trusted? At what point do truth and perception diverge? For Brian, knowing just what to believe is a matter of life and death.

A gripping tale of murder, deceit and delusion set in the near future, The Trawler Man delves inside the human mind and asks how much we really know about our own past.


Onion Gods - Simon Goodway

From the genus that wrote Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games come thirteen stories that run the gamut of genres, from comedy to scifi to horror to crime, and span multiple centuries, three continents and two dimensions. 

Two pirates, stranded amongst a primitive civilisation with unusual ideas about beauty, find their preconceptions challenged and start asking deeper questions than pirates are used to. A pair of grave robbers get more than they bargained for when they dig up a serial killer. A scientist goes to extreme lengths to save her dying husband. A Japanese girl gives advice from beyond the grave. A gardener gets his revenge. A drug lord battles to save his career. A woman swears at a giant holographic paperclip. And so on. 

Full of unexpected twists, profound ideas and silly jokes. If you don't like them, you must be weird.

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