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Holly worked in an office; a place in which the soul is slowly destroyed, piece by putrid piece, as it is stripped away and left to fester in a simmering pit of despair. It is in this dark place of shame and revulsion that the rage and venom built into a frenzied wrathful pustule of oozing irksomeness, expanding remorselessly until finally bursting forth its viscous seepage (which had a slightly off green tint) and splattering it all over the interwebspace.

This humble genius intends to take over the world through the power of fiction, mind-control and a chaos army of winged badgers.

However, only one badger has so far survived the wing grafting process. His name is Nigel and he has a bit of a squint.

To read more surreal adventures or angry rants you can follow the blog.

Or imagine, because imagining doesn't have a carbon footprint. Unless you're imagining whilst driving or in the bath or something.

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Simon evolved from a worm-like creature with a sideways-flattened body divided into a series of segmented muscle blocks that lay on either side of its notocord. He also has a cat.

When he isn't being utterly hilarious, he spends roughly one third of his time in a state of reduced or absent consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity, and inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles, and the other two thirds of his time despairing about the futility of existence and inevitable heat death of the universe.
He also has a blog, which isn't as amusing as Holly's but there are a few entertaining bits if you're prepared to trawl through pages of incoherent drivel. There's quite a good joke about Brad Pitt's willy at some point in 2004. 

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