Thursday, 3 October 2013

A multiplicity of new releases!

I suppose it goes without saying that yesterday's very exciting screening of some of our films was a tremendous success. As for the fact that it took place in a bus shelter with a skellington in the middle, and our films were shown right at the end so half the audience had gone home... well those things are probably best left unsaid. Let's just focus on the fact that they seemed to go down well with the pitiful fraction of the audience that remained.

As if that's not enough excitement for you, we have an announcement! Are you ready for the announcement? OK, here it is:

Hello! I'm an announcement. I'm here to announce that Clever Dicks Productions will now be posting a new video to their youtube channel every single Monday and every single Thursday! Starting this week! Which is a lot of videos! So you should follow it and that.

"Starting this week?" you say in a mildly puzzled tone. "But I've been checking this blog every single minute in the hope of new entertainment and I know for a fact that there wasn't anything new on Monday." Yes there was! We just forgot to put it on the blog.

Which mean I've got a whole load of videos to show you now. Go and get a cup of tea or something, this will take a while. Unless you were one of the few people who BOTHERED to stick around to the end of the screening, in which case you've already seen them, so I'll let you off.

First up, the one we released on Monday. This is an EXCITING NEW SERIES and is basically what you're going to get every Monday for ages. Unlike most of our stuff it's a dark drama type thing so don't expect it to be hilarious. There's a trailer, you can watch that first:

If that whet your appetite, then you should watch episode one. If it didn't then you should probably just scroll past it to the funny stuff.

Wasn't that exciting? Tune in next Monday to find out what happens next!

Meanwhile on Thursdays we've started another EXCITING NEW SERIES, but this one you are allowed to expect to be hilarious, because it is. We might as well start with the trailer for that one too I suppose.

And now - and this is the last thing for now, I promise - episode one of that wonderful wonderful series! Have I still got your attention? Don't give up now, it's worth it, I promise.

Did you make it all the way down here? Well done! Now go and do something else, your tea's gone cold.

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