Monday, 14 October 2013

The 48 Hour Challenge!!!!

There were some hilarious japes along the way to making our entry for the Colchester Film Festival 48 Hour challenge wot we took part in and all that.

I spent well over SIX HOURS on the project and almost all of that was actually doing stuff. There was no lunch or crisps or jelly babies or cups of coffee or tea or anything like that and there was certainly no time for watching Rupaul’s Drag Race – that would have a been a ludicrous waste of precious time!

I spent MINUTES, yes! MINUTES! Watching Simon write the script, and the work didn’t stop there! I then had to WAIT while he made the lovely audio into a cartoon.

Also, I would like to add that there is no truth in the allegation that I added any unnecessary singing to the script, the wonderful singing wot I did was utterly fundamental to the script and if I hadn’t demanded that I add it in then the whole thing would have fallen to bits. Utterly and completely.

Well you can judge for yourselves, get your peepers around this then:

AND! As if that's not all! Today is MONDAY! And you know what Monday means don't you!? Yes! Its Rent boy day... although technically the actual title of this is 'Forgive Me Father - Episode Three'.

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