Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Tonight, yes this very night! There is going to be a special screening of films held in St Botolph’s Waiting Room (this is an actual venue, not a bus shelter, although it used to be a bus shelter, I went there when it was a bus shelter once and I think I had a coffee…) hosted by Film Colchester!

It is just a £1 donation to come to the lovely screening and there will be films made by Clever Dicks!

Not just ANY films neither! Oh no, there is going to be a special PREMIERE!!! Isn’t that truly exciting!?

Here, why not have a preview of some of the music, by the lovely Louise Byrne, for the new series; its called ‘Heaven’s Gate’ and it isn’t about suicide! Isn’t that nice?

There will also be some other stuff by some other people, but you don’t care about that.

Just click here to get more information about the event from facebook and join and stuff, like what people do.

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