Friday, 3 January 2014

Pigs in blankets

Right well let's have none of that "Happy new year!" nonsense, I'm sure you've had quite enough of that already. But as it happens you probably will have a brilliant year, thanks to all the wonderful things we've got lined up for you. We have lots more sketches and series and short films and probably some competitions and, who knows, maybe even one or two book launches for when you can neither access the internet nor live without some Clever Dicks goodness.

But before we get started on all those things we'd better do a quick catch up on what you might have missed over Christmas if you were too busy stuffing yourself with pigs in blankets.

There was the Customer Service Christmas special, which now seems rather out of season but you should watch it anyway, because it's good.

And then there's our first post-Christmas sketch, which is another historical one that's completely accurate and educational.

Which only leaves Forgive Me Father, which unlike our outpouring of sketches didn't take a break over Christmas, so there are THREE WHOLE NEW EPISODES since last we banged on about it on the blog. They also happen to be the three episodes in which there's a great big twist that turns the story around and sends it off in a completely different direction, so you really don't want to miss them. I'll just link to the playlist.

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