Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Clever Dicks nativity and other Christmassy stuff

Last weekend was very exciting! We gathered together a group of minions for the filming of the wondrous Clever Dicks nativity. This astonishing production went by with absolutely no hitches such as sound men not turning up or bottles falling off people's groins or having to film the last few scenes in one take regardless of quality because we'd run out of time.

In spite of all the hitches that definitely didn't happen, it was a tremendous success, and jolly good fun, so we will hopefully do something very similar before too long. The finished product will be released soon, along with lots of other exciting Christmas sketches we've got coming out over the festive period. In fact, one's already come out - here it is!

If that's got you feeling all Christmassy and full of goodwill to all men, you should probably temper that by watching the latest episode of Forgive Me Father, which is as depressing as ever.

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